TITAN FOR OTHERS: High School Workshop


Titan For Others


Lisa-Marie Marrero

Titan Engineers recently hosted twenty-two 8th grade and sophomore students from St. Dominic Academy’s STEM program for our “TITAN FOR OTHERS High School Workshop”. The students had the opportunity to learn about the many different aspects of structural engineering and to tour office facilities. The student’s also met with Titan’s leading female engineers in interactive small groups to see the daily life of an engineer. To wrap up the day, the students competed for prizes by putting their engineering skills to the test with a giant-sized game of Jenga! The students of St. Dominic Academy greatly enjoyed their day of practical out-of-the-classroom learning. Titan hopes to continue this program in the future, and host other promising young engineers!



“The space itself looked like a very optimal environment to work in. From the ever-generous Panera lunch to the amazing advice and feedback I received from many of the engineers. I have absolutely nothing, but wonderful things to say about Titan and my experience here today”.
– Charlotte
“I had a fun time and was amazed with how much structural engineers do in the process of designing a building. I feel that I would want to learn more about engineering. All of the people were very nice and willing to answer any questions we wanted to ask”.
– Courtney


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