Investigation + analysis

Collapse, Due diligence, Feasibility analysis, Emergency response, Failure, Forensic, Impacts, Load capacity, Peer review, Property condition assessments, Structural condition surveys, Value engineering

Steel connections

Braced Frames, HSS, Shear and moment, Special conditions

Marine engineering

Piers, Wharfs, Floating docks, Slips, Bulkheads, Boardwalks

Blast resistance

Containment Rooms, Dividing walls, Facades, Slabs


NYC Local Law 11 – Facades, NYC Local Law 37 – Retaining Walls

Existing building renovations

Adaptive reuse, Addition of floor levels, Horizontal expansion, Rehabilitation, Tenant fit-out

Facade + structural glass

Cable Net, elevator enclosures, fin walls, patch and spider, point supports, railings, space truss

Product engineering support

Masonry manufacturers, precast concrete fabricators, prototyping, segmental retaining wall manufacturers, solar installations

Construction engineering

Demolition plans, formwork, guards, safety strap plans, shoring of excavation, temporary shoring, tower and mobile cranes, underpinning

Site structures + foundation

Bridge abutments, canopies, pylon signs, light pole, flag poles, storm water structures

Retaining walls

Reinforced concrete, diaphragm, secant and tangent, segmental block (MSE), gravity large block, soil nailing + rock anchoring, solder pile and lagging, steel sheeting, gabion, wire netting (rock fall)

New building superstructures – Foundations

Arenas and stadiums, Casinos, Educational, High-rise, Hotel, Industrial, Infrastructure, Institutional, Mixed–use, Municipal, Office, Parking structures, Pharmaceutical, Places of worship, Research and development, Residential, Retail, Warehouse + distribution


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